Electric chain hoists

With capacities up to 3,200 kg

ETS offers a wide range of ECH series electric chain hoists, all designed to ensure flexibility, strength and durability.

The ECH hoists are suitable for use in all standard work areas but also for aggressive or potentially explosive environments (Gas Zone 1 & Zone 2 and Dust Zone 21 & Zone 22 in accordance with the Atex Directive 2014/34 / EU).

The range also includes the version suitable for operating up to a temperature of -40 ° C with EAC Russia certification.

Compact dimensions, reliability, high quality materials and scrupulous controls make the ECH hoist a precious ally for all work needs and for any type of application.

The capacities go up to 2000 kg in the standard version and up to 3200 kg in the ATEX version.

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