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Here are some of our ingenious suppliers

Emcé products can be found in all branches of industry, shipping and off-shore disciplines such as dredging, wind energy or oil exploration. All over The World, spectacular lifting and movement tasks are successfully completed with the aid of Emcé designed and built equipment. Rapid design and production of, sometimes complex, customer specific solutions is an important aspect of Emcé’s unique presence on the European and worldmarkets.

Kolos Group became known to the industry back in 2015, when they merged three companies into the group they are today. The Norwegian lifting company works within many of the same fields as VDA Lifting, and we’re looking forward to collaborate in the future.

Protea is an essential player within the crane industry, both offshore and onshore.

Protea can deliver high quality operating systems, mainly for clients specialized in:

  • Offshore oil & gas
  • Renewable energy
  • Industrial cranes
  • Cruise ships

BROSA is a leading manufacturer of force measuring sensors and pressure transducers with headquarters in Tettnang, near Lake Constance, Germany. With the goal of bringing quality and durable products on the market, BROSA has been developing force measuring sensors and pressure transducers since 1935. BROSA is a leading manufacturer of high quality and customized force sensors. They exhibit high reliability and accuracy, and are therefore used in safety-related applications. BROSA sensors are ATEX and IECEx certified.

Part of Egersund Group
As a subsidiary of Egersund Group, Egersund Herøy is a leading
manufacturer of equipment for the offshore
and maritime industry. Together with our dedicated team we are able
to serve the offshore and maritime market with equipment such as
mooring wires and ropes, anchor wire, fiber ropes, lifting equipment and
general hardware for the industry.

With more than 60 years in the business, Egersund
Group have gained a reputation that extends far outside our
Norwegian borders with customers in Asia, South-America,
North-America and on the African continent.
Egersund Group consists of dedicated people with extensive
experience from the maritime sector, whether it be fishery or
the oil & gas sector. Together we find innovative solutions for
solving everyday challenges.