Manual hoists: low headroom hoists

The ETS non-sparking manual hoists are made in compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC, the Atex Directive 94/9 / EC and the EN 13463 standard. They are equipped with solid Brall bronze wheels, bronze hook with safety tab, pop-up brake in bronze and operating chains in AISI 316 stainless steel. Available capacities from 500 Kg. to 20000 Kg. Classified by Area II 2GD c IIB T4 T125 ° CX ​​The hot-dip galvanizing treatment with epoxy coating Ral 1018 makes the hoist suitable for an outdoor use even for particularly aggressive environments.

Reliability, easy handling, ease of use, make the ETS manual hoist a precious ally for all short-range handling activities and in areas at risk of explosion. The versions with single hoist without trolley, hoist with push trolley or hoist with mechanical trolley guarantee coverage of all service needs.

The range of manual hoists is completed by the versions with reduced dimensions which are characterized by a significant recovery of height on the hook dimension where there are particular problems of spaces under the beam. Each hoist is subjected to a functional test before shipment and subject to rigorous quality controls on structures, wheels, pins, chains and hooks. Sturdiness, lightness and lifting with minimal effort.