GBR series jib cranes have electrical rotation. Jib cranes are generally used to render work places and operating machines autonomous without the intervention of other staff and without using collective use means of transport or plants. A necessary investment for a high yield, a continuous saving of manpower with the reduction of block times, which allows the rapid recovery of the expense sustained. A wide range of executions allow us to supply the customer with the most rational machine continual new requirements. In many cases jib cranes are the only solution possible when other lifting and handling systems cannot be used. ROTATING BOOM Realised, according to the capacity and the length of steel girders with unified section or with boxed girder with internal stiffening diaphragms. It has, like the column, perforated flanges ready for the application of the centre bearing, to which it is connected with high-strength bolts. COLUMN-MOUNTED In self-supporting steel with special circular and/or octagonal section guaranteeing stiffness. The column is also accompanied by base plates for ground fixture ground, and at the upper end has a perforated flange prepared for the application of the centre bearing. ROTATION MECHANISM Made from basic thrust bearing (centre bearing) able to contrast both vertical thrust and the overturning moment, and a motor reducer mounted on the boom, with self-braking motor on start-up and progressive braking, whose pinion, flush-fitted onto the slow shaft, engage onto the centre bearing internal teeth. The assembly system, the precision of the centre bearing and the sensitivity of the motor reducer, ensure perfect boom rotation. The cranes may have rope and/or chain pulley tackle.